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modern plastic inner fenders fo 61 Hawk

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  • modern plastic inner fenders fo 61 Hawk

    I'd like to adapt modern plastic inner fenders to my 61 Hawk.
    Any good donor vehicles make and model ?


    Dan T

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    I used mid 80s thunderbird ones on my '53 K. I had to do a fair amount of mods to make it work. Flat black plastic 1/8" sheet material and large pop rivets with backing washers were used to modify the cut-down liners. Sorry I have no pix of what I did. When I was looking at junkyard cars for this, it was hard to find cars where the liner was a full wheel-well that was oversized enough to trim down. The same liners (or nearly the same) were used in fairmonts, mustangs, small LTD as well. I had 2 full sets of liners and used the extras to make rear wheel ones too. One other tip is to use a heatgun to soften the plastic for bending, but be careful not to get carried away! I did have to put a couple of screws in the fender lip and some other spots to attach them. They come out pretty easy if I need to work on anything hidden behind.

    Jeff in ND

    '53 Champion Hardtop

    Jeff in ND