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  • pinion seal

    Having a problem with a oil leak at the pinion seal. have replaced it 2 times with no luck. I saw some info showing a gasket in front of the seal. I don't have one there. Any hints on installing these would be appreciated. Thank You

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    Try it one more time. This time before you install the seal, clean and dry the recess that that the seal goes into, then put a good coating of RTV all around the outer metal frame of the seal. Install and make sure it's seated good. Lube the pinion flange splines, then install. Clean and dry the flat surface of the pinion flange where the flat washer goes. Put another coating of RTV there and on the under side of the flat washer. Install the flat washer with the RTV coated side toward the rear, install the nut and tighten to proper torque. Wipe off any access. Allow to dry overnight. That will fix it. What was happening is the diff. lube is coming up the splines on the pinion shaft, past the washer and nut. There's your oil leak. Hope this helps.

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      Ditto to what Dan said. Just a heads up though check the yoke for grooving where the seal rides. I have seen this many times and had to change yokes. Thanks.


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        And if there is grooving on the yoke, it is usually possible to either place a shim in ahead of the pinion seal, or get a seal that is a little thicker or thinner in overall width, causing the seal itself to ride on a non-grooved part of the yoke.

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          Another solution for a grooved seal surface is to sleeve it.