My 1960 Hawk (formerly with AC I'm told) has a 259 (with 1960 serial number V492635). The hardware on the front of the crank is a box of broken toys. The parts removed look to match the generic non-power-steering diagram on page 9 of the chassis manual, except lock plate 0105-47 is missing.

The crank endplay is about 0.03 inch. (yikes) but I am not confident the hub is really being seated properly because of the situation below.

The damper bolt (torque spec 140 lb-ft. 1.5 inch hex head) is 2.07 inch long, which is the shortest bolt (screw) listed on page 32 of the 59-64 chassis parts catalog. The bolt was installed with about 10 lb-ft of torque, which was plenty to deeply cone the copper sealing washer into the larger pulley hole. The bolt had about 0.76" of washers stacked up on it, so the threads were nearly bottomed in the crank. ( the crank and bolt both have ~ 1.25 inch of threads ).

The crank snout (1.36, maybe 1.375 OD) protrudes about 0.07 inch from 0105-60 (hub 527252). I suspect the hub should really extend beyond the crank's snout, so all tightened components must bear on it, not the crank snout.

I believe the factory's intent was to have the 3 damper components (rubber rear cushion, flywheel, rubber front cushion) pinched to a precise dimension by being sandwiched between the large face on the hub and 0105-52 (plate, vibration damper lock ). That dimension is the length of the shoulder on hub 0105-60, so is equal to the distance from one large face on the hub to 0105-52 (plate, vibration damper lock )which is clamped hard up against the face of the hub by approximately 20,000 lbs of clamp load from bolt torqued to 140 lb-ft.

The plate (0105-52) would also be clamping the hub, crank timing gear, crank thrust washer and the shims against the crank face, setting the end clearance and locking the cam drive gear from metal eating micro-motions.

I think I'm missing a spacer about .76" thick with an OD ~ 1.75" to bear against plate (0105-52), and ID to just clear the crank snout 1.36-1.37ish. Or since my bolt is already the shortest one, and the picture shows no extra parts, maybe my hub 0105-60 has been shortened. If the hub used to be longer that would kick the fan pulley out of alignment with the water pump and generator though.

There are 6 bolts installed in the hub. They extended thru all the damper stuff with over an inch to spare, and no nuts on them at all. I bet they should have been the 1-3/8" long standard ones.

Does anyone have measurements off standard parts I can compare against mine?


Dan T