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  • Something new 55 prez

    I just read a quick note from prez 55 on tranny bands. Learned something new and just trying to remember a torque wrench. Not to be to dumb: 1. How do you know the difference when reading a torque measurement, foot or inch., 2. I don't ever recall seeing a measurement in inch pds. 3. I'm assuming that 24 inch pounds would be two ft. pds.

    Thanks for teaching an old dog. Some of you guys really no this S...!

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    Yes- you've got the torque conversion right. We torque alot of stuff in aviation maintenance. Just about everything gets torqued when it comes to NAVY H-60 helos!!! Sometimes we only have one wrench on hand and make do... [:0]

    StudeDave [8D]
    Aviation Structural Mechanic First Class
    US Navy (almost RETIRED!!! [:0])
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      I believe you're right on the 2 ft/lbs being 24 inch/lbs, but I have an inch/lb torque wrench, which was acquired from an old Air Force mechanic .

      Bob Johnstone
      55 President State Sedan
      64 GT Hawk
      70 Avanti (R3)
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        Just multiply ft-lbs by 12 to get inch-lbs. My torque wrench is in inch pounds. I have had it since the 60's. My big torque wrench is a 'dial it up' and then tighten 'till it clicks. I think torque is very inportant and way under used by a lot of shade tree mechanics.