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Changing the distributor in a '59 Lark V-8

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  • Changing the distributor in a '59 Lark V-8

    OK, has anyone pulled, and changed the old style Delco Distributor in a early Lark V-8? I tried, but the fire wall was too close. Came close, but no cigar at slipping the gear out of the distributor hole. The shop manual says to remove the rotor plate (?), I think, I don't have the book in front of me. I removed the rotor, cap, etc... Could it really be true that it can't be changed with the engine in the car?
    Any helpful cooments, tid bits, etc..?

    Thanks, KM

    Kelly J. Marion

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    A '59 Lark would originally have had a '53-'59 Early Delco non-window Dist. which is smaller around than the '60-'61 Delco Window Dist. which fits fine in the same car in 1960. I have R&R'd all three types of V-8 Dist. in all models of Studes. without a problem, even on Hawks where it is the tightest, IF the engine is properly placed on good engine mounts.

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      Try loosening the rear mounts and jack up the trans to tilt the motor forward. NT

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      Neil Thornton


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        I've removed and replaced mine (Delco version distr. in a 59 Lark wagon) several times.
        Funny how some times it falls right in...some times how I have to wiggle it to get it out..then fight it to get it back in...
        I think it's been at least three times now...always comes out and then back in..
        The car orignally had the Prestolite...replaced it with the Delco version.

        My motor mounts are about 3 years I wouldn't think they've sagged too much.


        P.s. - The reason I swapped it in the first place was to install a Pertronix ignition module. It's "MUCH" easier to do this on the bench. This means...the rotor is in place during any removal or installation.


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          This is the only Lark I've ever had this particular problem with. But I finally got it out. Very tight. Didn't want to stab back, but accomplished that to. Running better. It really didn't want to come out, scratched the firewall to get it out. Brand new motor mounts. They look thicker than what I remember, maybe not the right application?



          Kelly J. Marion