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water pump weep hole orientation

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  • water pump weep hole orientation

    Starting to check out my 1960 Hawk with "rebuilt" 259.

    The pump appears to be symmetrical, like it might be possible to install it in 4 different positions.
    The weep hole in the water pump is over at the 3 o'clock position.
    I'd expect the weep hole belongs at the bottom at 6 oclock. Especially since there is a rust pattern on the housing coming from the weep hole running "sideways"

    Does the weep hole belong at 6 ?


    Dan T

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    Dan Miller
    Atlanta, GA

    Road Racers turn left AND right.


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      Hypothetically, if a person had no idea there was orientaion on a waterpump what might the symptoms be?

      Dan Giblin
      Cincinnati, OH
      Dan Giblin
      Cincinnati, OH


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        I suppose an argument could be made for the hole to be at 12:00 due to the often infrequent use of many cars these days. It would allow early detection of a failed pump.


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          I beleive that any position other than other than 6 o'clock (down), introduces the possibility of rusting up the water pump bearing.


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            When I realized I couldn't cope with orienting weep holes with the clock face readings
            --- I switched to digital water pumps.

            Lark Parker
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              ....I can't see the damage to the bearing in the 12 o'clock position.....explain please. I know when I got to installing everything new to the cooling system except water pump (PO stated it was new), the pump gave up the ghost....It was a bit challenging to rule out my new hose connections and gaskets until my fingers were dragged across all the connections...


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                At a guess, if the 'weep hole' isn't pointing down, it won't 'weep.' Any water that seeps past the seal might accumulate and corrode the bearing. Pure logical speculation, no facts involved.

                Tom Bredehoft
                '53 Commander Coupe
                '55 President (6H Y6) State Sedan
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                '05 Legacy Ltd Wagon
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                  The subject is interesting but I do not see why the water pump can't be installed around the clock. I never gave it a thought but there are pros and cons here to stimulate the mind.


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                    The weep hole exists to afford the water getting past the seal a least path of resistance, thereby giving an indication to the watchful owner that the pump needs to be serviced.

                    If that information is ignored (or if the weep hole is oriented any other position than 6 o'clock, making it less likely to be noticed), then a full pump failure may occur, at a time and place of its choosing.

                    63 Avanti R2, 4-Speed, 3.73 TT
                    Martinez, CA


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                      I would think 12 o'clock,high noon,would be easier to see a weeping green fluid than 6 o'clock.


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                        You shouldn't waste your time trying to write a new paragraph in the shop manual.
                        With the fan pulley in place you can't see the weep hole anyway!
                        rotating the weep hole to anyplace but 6 O'clock is going to rot your bearing faster because hot acid (and all watersystems contain acid) WORKS FASTER.iF THE water is left on this bearing it could fail and show you a new way to allow fresh air in to cool your engine by way of opening your radiator.
                        So my suggestion is to put the weep at 6 and watch for green or orange robot blood on your floor.

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