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  • indentify M5 truck

    hi can some expert help identify this M5 truck. Chasis S/N M5-37963. The plate was very hard to read. the 6 could have been a small b the 9 aslo looked like un upside down small b as the tails were strait not hooked. Engine S/N IM38055. casting number on the block was 518448-3 also had A 8 18. the cab has a wooden frame.

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    No help with your question but I would love to see pics of the truck.Steve


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      My M5 was built close to yours, S/n 37542! Mine is a '47. They were both built late in the model year since s/n's ended at 42429. The standard M series cab construction did not involvle any wood, so perhaps your truck was ordered as a chassis-cowl vehicle so that at body company could install say,a van body, a fire apparatus (spelling?) body, school bus, or what-have-you. I, too, would like to see pictures of your truck!

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        I think you read all the numbers correctly. Yes, that's a 6 and a 9, and the engine is a 1M (they DID use a letter I stamp for 1's). That would make it a '47 model, probably with its original engine too.
        Oh! I just noticed your forum name. You're in NZ? This truck may have had some final assembly there, which could explain the wood.

        Dwain G.