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  • Avanti questions ?

    I have new side window gaskets that are one piece that must go over the window lock and hinges, any ideas on how to do one piece? What year Ford steering gear is interchangeable with the Avanti? Do you have a close up pictures of the door locks, the door/window chrome, are there gaskets? What is the spacing between the fan blade and radiator?

    I just don't have another 63 Avanti close by to look at and copy!

    Any Avanti owners close to Rutherfordton,NC. SE of Hendersonville!

    Roger 828-288-1088 I really want to get this"puppy" on the road this summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks for your help

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    I'm not sure what you mean on the gaskets? Are you talking about the vent windows?

    Re: the steering gear...are you talking about the hydraulic ram and pump or the gear itself? I know there are similarities in the hydraulic parts but I think the only thing that is easily interchanged is the reservoir cap. Others on the forum may be able to elaborate.

    The fan runs very close to the radiator at the bottom no more than an inch or two.

    I would be happy to take some pictures for you just clarify the areas for me.



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      No Ford steering gears interchange, only the power steering pump, ram and control valve, around '56 to '62 models.

      You will need the Avanti Shop manual and parts Catalog available from most all of us Studebaker Vendors at or the link to there on the SDC main Page links.

      Your fan requires a shroud around it between it and the radiator to work, if that is missing you need one.

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        The 64 T-Bird used a stainless steel tank on it's P/S unit that polishes up like chrome. Power steering kit for Eaton pump, Ford P/N C2SZ-3B584-A. Power ram is for a 62 Ford also.


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          I haven't done rear quarter gaskets on an Avanti but, if they are anything like the ones on a C coupe, you need to unrivet the hinges and latch and remove the window from the trim frame. Someone here knows better than I.
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            I have a '63 Avanti and I live in Winston Salem. Feel free to come up,just let me know so I know to be home and all. Richard


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              Oh yeah,you do need the Shop Manual,Parts Manual and go ahead and get Stan Gundry's What The Shop Manual Won't Tell You. Richard


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                The rear qtr windows can be removed by removing the main latch screw and then tapping the hinge pins upward with a pin punch. Keep track of the position of the pins and orientation as they are splined and should go back into their original positions. The seal can now be pulled out of the retainer. The new seal can probably be inserted into the seal retainer using soap/water or WD40 as a lubricant, but it won't be easy to get the retaining "lips" into the retainer. I have always done this job with the retainers off the body during a full restoration. If you elect to remove the retainer, keep track of the location of the screws (and type) on the body, as they will be inserted through the seal into the body fence. The upper outer seal and retainer will probably have to be removed for the main seal retainer to come out as the lower portion is down into a body well. Hope this is of some help. Good luck.


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                  I should have pointed out that if you remove the qtr window seal retainer (and you probably will to make the job easier), then after the weatherseal is installed in the retainer, reinstall the window temporarily by putting the hinge pins in place to hold the window, but don't tap them down. Reinstall the latch screw and close the window to the retainer and latch it. Now place the assembly in position on the body, to check the fit of the retainer to the body at the rear. Shims may need to be fashioned to place between the retainer and the body fence at the rear and bottom only, so that the fastening screws do not pull the retainer and seal away from the window. It will take some trial and error to get it right or as close to right as possible. Seal performance on these windows is marginal at best.