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SN93 Paxton Superchargers

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  • SN93 Paxton Superchargers

    Recently working on an SN93 Paxton Supercharger. The front housing had cracks in the deep conterbores for the six 3/8-16 SHCS that draw the whole assembly together.

    In contacting Paradise Wheels, no new housings are currently available for SN93's, and this is a common problem.

    We found an acceptable solution was to convert to hex head screws, and seal the shanks of the bolts with O-rings in the counterbores. Here is a photo of the completed assembly.

    Here is link to some photos of other Paxton superchargers completed, VS57 and SN60, as well as SN93:

    1963 Studebaker Avanti: C4 Corvette narrowed front/rear suspension, C5 13" calipers/rotors adapted to C4, Viper differential with Intrax 3.54 ratio (the snake has been charmed!), coil overs, stainless tubular frame, stainless chambered side exhaust.
    Here are two links for some pictures and information.
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    Magazine Article
    sigpic 1963 Studebaker Avanti: LS1 motor and T-56 transmission have been moved rearward, set up as a two seat coupe with independent rear suspension. Complex solutions for nonexistant problems.

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    What a beautiful piece of work. I'm lost for words, just great work!