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Upgrading a rear end

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  • Upgrading a rear end

    What later model rear end would fit into a 51 2R5?
    What modifications would have to be done to swap in a newer,(60's) dana 44 into this truck. An older member near me would like to make his 51 more driveable, he thought about an engine swap, but now feels that is too over the top for him. Could he get away with changing the rear end and transmission, and if so what would be a good combination?
    I thought a 3 speed with O/D and a 3:31 rear end would be nice but how can he make this work.
    I hope this makes sense,
    Thanks all.
    Bill Foy
    1000 Islands, Ontario
    1953 Starlight Coupe

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    I don't think that little 6 will pull a 3.31 rear end AND overdrive.

    What transmission and rear end gears are in the truck now? What is your friend's definition of "more driveable" other words, what doesn't he like about the truck now?

    Dick Steinkamp
    Bellingham, WA


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      ya a 3:78 or there abouts and a turbocharger, and yer all sett!


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        I'd opt for 4.10 at most and overdrive. A 3.31 and an overdrive might be a little high for a pickup....
        1964 Studebaker Commander R2 clone
        1963 Studebaker Daytona Hardtop with no engine or transmission
        1950 Studebaker 2R5 w/170 six cylinder and 3spd OD
        1955 Studebaker Commander Hardtop w/289 and 3spd OD and Megasquirt port fuel injection(among other things)


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          That would be a 2.32 ratio in overdrive, not a prayer that you could pull that on even a flat stretch with a six.

          JDP Maryland


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            My '59 (170 6 with OD) had a 4.53 originally. 1st gear was used for stump pulling only. [)] We swapped in a 3.54, and it's a little too much for the engine. It goes about 60-65 MPH on a flat road with no trouble, but when a hill arises, that strains it a bit. I think a 3.73 or thereabouts would be a pretty good match for the 6 with OD.

            Of course, with a Studebaker truck, I'd be more concerned with upgrading the brake system... [V]

            Matthew Burnette
            Hazlehurst, GA


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              There is a 55 6 banger truck running around here with a Ford 9 inch and 4-10 gears dosen't seam to have a problem.

              7G-Q1 49 2R12 10G-F5 56B-D4 56B-F2
              As soon as you find a product you like they will stop making it.


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                here in undulating New England a flathead 6 can't move with anything more than 4.10 or 4.27.....