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  • Clutch interchange

    Can someone tell me what clutch to ask for when I visit my FLAPS who invaribly asks, "Studebaker - who made that?" I need a 10inch for a 57 Hawk. I just know it will be easier to tell them I need one for a Chevy or Dodge or something like that .

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    You are much better off going to an actual clutch rebuilder if you are near a large city. Buying a "parts store" new unit, or rebuild is dicey at best![:0]

    The reason I say that is, there are hundreds of possibilities for pressure plate springs! They could sell you a 426 Dodge hemi P/P that is the same as Avanti with 12 springs, but a '57 Hawk did not have that strong a plate, it had 9 springs. On the other hand, if it is a hot rod this is a good choice!
    If you have the correct 289 engine you should have a 10 1/2 in. clutch. The 259 engine got the 10 in.

    If you insist on buying it the Russian Roulette method, you need to have them look up Studebaker in their "paper" books, not a good idea to guess on the pressure plate! [:0]

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      10 1/2 inch Borg and Beck pressure plate (409 Chevy if you want a stiff one), but MOPAR and others work too. Disk, from a Studebaker vendor.

      JDP Maryland