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hawk body mounts help needed

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  • hawk body mounts help needed

    How were these mounts originally attached to the frame? The left side mounts on my hawk are all sagging. (read pulled away from the frame at the top of the mount) I can't find any bolts or welds on them.
    When looking at the Classic Enterprises replacement mounts, they have a hole drilled in the lip that fits over the top of the frame. When I talked to them, they said I should put in a bolt that goes through the floor panel, the lip and the frame rail.
    Thanks - Mr Mike

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    The body mounts (braces) are welded to the body and bolted thru the frame rail, some into the interior. They increase the rigidity of the body, as it sits on the frame. There's a rubber pad between the mount and frame rail, to insulate against vibration and noise. The front brace, where it sits under the bat wing crossmember, bolts up into the door jamb. This one is very important, as it supports the cowl. The original braces aren't much more than 18 gauge, whereas newer C.E. pieces are 12 or 14 gauge

    Bob Johnstone
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      The lip that goes over the top of the frame had a bolt that went on the inside of the car through the floor and through that lip, through the rubber pad, and into a nut that was spot welded to the inside top of the frame. Those bolts can be hard to get out on a rusty car without wrecking the nut. Fortunately, I think a loose nut can be put up inside the frame with a long extension through drain holes on the bottom. I welded a nut to a washer and fished it up that way. Need a helper to start the bolt on the top.

      Jeff in ND

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      Jeff in ND


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        Thanks guys - the info was just what I was looking for.
        Mr Mike