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  • Horn button spring

    Having read some posts lately about running a new wire down the column, I think I know this answer and am afraid to ask, but...

    I got my new used steering wheel primed and painted today and put it on the column. The brass button was there and worked when shorted to ground, and there was play for it to collapse into the column shaft. When I assembled the (I looked in my books and can't find the right names) horn base ring to the wheel and then put in the horn button, there was no play at all. I checked the application of the steering wheel to the shaft and decided it was ok as the retaining nut was on as far as it was with the old wheel. I looked and figured and played and got no where. Then I thought maybe the brass button wasn't as far 'out' as it should be. So I pulled it out about 1/8 of an inch and thought I saw a wire and thought that might be the end of a spring, which it was. I pulled the spring out to the button and did more look-seeing. All I ended up doing was stretching the spring a little bit.

    If you read all of this, you are probably ready for the question. Ok, here it is. Can that spring be replaced without going through the 'wiring the column' exercise? Is there another way to get a fix other than stretching the spring?

    Meanwhile, I am terribly excited that I now have a decent looking steering wheel with pretty little horn button and chrome ring.

    '50 Champion, 1 family owner