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Avanti hog troughs

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  • Avanti hog troughs

    I'm going to take my 63 R2 to a body shop to have the hog troughs
    serviced for preventing rust.I heard about the hole drilling under
    the carpet to gain access.Has anyone done this? How many holes-etc?
    What size holes-how to clean out any loose rust? What's the best
    product to use? Any input would be welcome.This car is rarely driven.

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    Holes are about 3". I vacuumed out lose rust then slathered Eastwoods equivalent of POR 15, Corroless, around in there using foam brushes on the end of 1/2" heater hose. Once it dried I sprayed Eastwood Rustproofing, Waxoyl, in there. To reach the area behind the roll bar required spraying the rustproofing in through the drain holes. Eastwoods Rustproofing kit is cheap and it includes the nozzles that can get the job done.

    I didn't permanantly seal the holes. I used duct tape then covered it with the sound and heat insulation I have throughout the car. I perodically lift up the carpet and remove the tape to check on condition. The car is garaged and rarely driven in rain or snow but it has been about 8 years now so I think the deterioration that was evident when I first drilled the holes has stopped.


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      I'm doing a similar operation. Has anyone used the hog trough to bring the cable up to the front for a rear mounted battery?


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