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Brakes - 58 G.Hawk/ w. power brakes

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  • Brakes - 58 G.Hawk/ w. power brakes

    I have a few questions concerning brake lining size.The "Total braking area" on the 57G.H. was 195.25 sq. in., the 58 G.H. is 172.4 sq. in.The length of the linings are shorter, the rear primary shortened to 8 15/32 in.
    Do any of you know why this desighn change was made?
    The P.O. of my Hawk installed shoes with full linings, and A major reliner here in Houston says that is the only way that they reline brake shoes.
    I also need a recomendation on a rebuilder for my Hydrovac unit.

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    most likely because thet went to a 14 inch wheel in 58



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      I know that the wheel size on the GH was changed from 15" in 57 to 14" in 1958, however the drum size was the same. What was changed was the length of the brake linings, resulting in a reduction of 23+ sq. in. of "total braking area" on the 58 GH.My conclusion is that the engineers of that era noticed something in the brake design that would warrent a change in 1958.I wes hoping that someone in the Forum would be familiar with this situation.

      I have not driven my GH, but have read that they were runners, but left something to be desired in "stopping ability". I am trying to take advantage of the designers knowledge, and gain something from the GH drivers in the Forum. After all I don't want my first "driving experience " to be my LAST.

      Any advice(except selling my GH) will be appreciated.
      Thanks for taking the time to read this.