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  • 64 Daytona Fuse Location

    Hello Everyone:
    I need help locating a fuse, I think. On my 64 Daytona, as on most other late model Studes, after the main wiring harness passes thru the firewall, a portion of it continues straight along the left fender apron to make connections at the startere solenoid, horn relay, headlights, etc. Another portion of the wiring harness takes a right turn after coming thru the firewall, and a few inches later an orange wire protrudes thru for the temp. gage sending unit. Within an inch or so of the orange wire is a red wire, 16 or 18 gage, that is a hot wire, and on most cars I've seen, this red wire goes nowhere. It is usually found looped back around the harness, and is held closely to the firewall via the clips that hold the harness to the firewall. Several inches later along the route of this portion of the harness we'll find the wires going to the positive side of the coil.
    Now lets get back to that red wire that usually is "stubbed off." It's got 12 volts to it, and on this car I found it to be convenient to use as the power source for the electric choke on my AFB clone Edelbrock 4 barrel. All has been fine for 5 or 6 years now, till a couple days ago when I discover my electric choke not to be working. I trace that problem to no more 12V at that wire. No power=no choke.
    My specific questions are: What was that wire originally intended for, and where on earth might it's fuse be? I've put so darned many accessories on the car that it's beginning to possess the underdash character of a new brand X. And try as I may, I just cannot find a blown fuse anywhere. So if you know how that wire gets it's power, i.e., where exactly is it's fuse, please, please let me know.
    Thanks muchly,

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    Larry: That red wire is the overdrive power feed wire. If the car has overdrive, that wire would go down to the kickdown switch on top of the throttle linkage bellcrank attached to the rear of the left cylinder head [V-8s].

    That wire itself is not fused; it is "hot" all the time the ignition switch is on. (The fuse for the circuit was located on the overdrive kickdown switch: no overdrive = no overdrive kickdown switch = no fuse.)

    If your red wire no longer has 12 volts when the ignition switch is "on," the wire has burned through somewhere or the connection is loose at the "ACC" terminal on back of the ignition switch. BP
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