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  • Tire over spray

    I just got the hawk back form the painter. All the rims were panted beautifully, except one has a touch of over spray. Can I deflate the tire and clean the WW and re-inflate without needing a special tire machine? I have the needed compressor 5 HP 90 gallon tank etc. Or should I deflate the tire, clean it and take it to a local guy?

    It is one tire, and it is minor and I know they deflated it and masked them when the tires were below the rim. It is very minor but bothers me, Ellen says I am too picky.

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    Ellen knows you better than anyone else and she is probably right. The rim should have been painted without the tire on it, then reinstalled with a rim clamp tire machine after a long cure time. I have seen very few tire machines that will not nick or chip the paint. You might be creating more damage than you fix.


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      Try a q-tip with some lacquer thinner.


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        Best thing to do is to contact a Moyal in your immediate area...explain the situation....I suspect he will offer to excise the offending paint over spray, and utilize special centuries old tools to patch the now clean area. Remember, when he finishes be sure to donate to the 'saducka' of his choice.[^]


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          My son has a pocket knife with a wickedly curved blade which we affectionately call a moyal.


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            On very close examination it is not over spray, it is the grip marks of the balance weights they removed to paint the rims. Boy do I need new glasses.


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              ...I have some overspray on one of my tires from the paint shop......It's the first thing I look a t when I get to the car ......!