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Need a 2-pc driveshaft for '56 V8 sedan . . .

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  • Need a 2-pc driveshaft for '56 V8 sedan . . .

    OK. Still chasing some parts for the '56 hot rod sedan. I need a driveshaft for a stick-shift V8 1956 sedan. This will sit between a T-85 and a Dana 44.

    If anyone has a parts car sitting around or if you KNOW of someone who does who would be willing to sell me the driveshaft parts I would be so grateful!

    I know I could have one MADE, but this is a low budget project (well, as low budget as I can and still build a nice car!) and I am pretty sure a stock prop shaft would work well . . .

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    Let me know what you find. I have 2 but they are out of K's 120" WB. You might want to go to a 1 piece or something else?


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      quote:Originally posted by Alan

      Let me know what you find. I have 2 but they are out of K's 120" WB. You might want to go to a 1 piece or something else?
      With the short-tail T-85 I would be afraid of clearance problems with a one-piece driveshaft. Unless someone out there has done this and knows it will work no problem, I think I'll stick to a stock set up for now . . .

      I suppose the C/K shaft would work if BOTH sections were shortened?
      A lot of work, but if necessary I guess this is one alternative. Thanks! I will let you know if I can't scare something up!


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        I have the two piece drive shaft I used in my 58 Packard hawk from 1967 to 1978 with a T-86OD transmision from a 1956 2 door stude wagon. Then I changed over to a T-85OD GM transmission and a one piece driveshaft in 1978. This reduced my cab noise. I still have the T-86OD transmission which shifted and ran good when removed in 1978. Also have a Ford T-85N1A HEK transmission that came to me after I got the present one going. The 2pc drive shaft and/or both transmissions need a new home.

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          Actually Allan, when I was spelling out part numbers to you via E-mail, I neglected to mention that there WAS yet another specific part number for the front DS section for T-85-equipped cars(sedans). I didn't figure on you having what amounts to a 57 Packard driveline.

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            Thank you! The South Bend connection came through with the EXACT 57 Packard prop shaft I need!