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    I have wide white walls from Coker. I have new rims. When these were balanced,yesterday, I was told they have three of them high spots and will never ride well. Are there any good supliers of the Wide White Walls , size 195 75R 15? Does any one have experience, pro and con, on tires? Should I forget about White walls and purchase tires from, say Pep Boys, Wall MArt,etc if I want quality tires.

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    Have you contacted Coker? I've never dealt with them personally,but I've never heard of any problems with them as far as backing their products.

    63VY4 Leakin' Lena Hagerstown MD


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      Coker is normally pretty good about their tires.....or was
      this just an opportunity for an overzealous tire saleman
      to sell you his tires? I would get a second opinion from
      another shop, after speaking with Coker, and seeing what
      they have to say.

      Here's their contact page:

      glen Brose - Perkinsville, AZ


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        Coker will stand behind their tires. If they are bad, they will replace them or refund your money. Quite frankly, however, I have not heard of ANYBODY having a problem with their tires. Could it be the rims are bent or warped? Maybe the balance equipment is "off" at that shop (that has happened to me before). I've seen good shops move the tire around on the rim to find the "sweet spot" that takes the lowest amount of weights to balance. Also, you can have the tires "shaved". This is done with the tires on the wheels and the wheels on the car to get perfect roundness.

        Dick Steinkamp
        Bellingham, WA


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          Saying Pep Boys and quality tires in the same sentence is a stretch

          quote:Originally posted by curt
          <snip> Should I forget about White walls and purchase tires from, say Pep Boys, Wall MArt,etc if I want quality tires.

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          Brooklet, Georgia
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          HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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            I took the tires off my Ranger, and bolted them on my '55. Not one vibration thook her up to 85 mph for a short test. Now, the Ranger has 14 inch rims so I suspect the real speed was in the range of 75 mph. I can not find anyone who will cut the OLDER tires into round.


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              "The Sweet Spot" can be found on all tires by looking for the little dot that lines it up for the tire valve..Hope that helps.[8D]


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                I'm glad to hear the good-quality comments about Coker. I never knew about the sweet spot and the valve.


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                  A friend of mine is an undertaker. He restored a '59 Cadillac hearse and had wide whites on it. When he sold it to another undertaker about 50 miles away he told him the tires shook and always had. When the other undertaker got back home with the car he called my friend and said the tires quit shaking before he got home. We think they had flat spotted from sitting on concrete and it took several miles before they got their shape back. When my friend had the car he never drove it very far, just parades, etc.


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                    Did you get WWW radials or bias ply?


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                      I have new Coker 775 x 15 red lines on my Corvette and they are terrible. Can't be balanced and I have tried 4 times at 2 places. Spoke to Coker himself and his solution was to send him the tires mounted on rims and they would balance them. He would NOT make a refund.


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                        Here's Coker's warranty...


                        "We want you to be pleased with your purchase! Our tires are guaranteed to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for the life of the tread."

                        I am personally VERY sensitive to tire balance. I have often had to go back to the store (many different stores) I bought the tires from for repeated rebalance after a test drive of the new tires. This was especially true on BMW's I've owned but I also experienced it on the 2nd set of tires for my truck. Never was it defective tires...but of course that is possible. Unlikely, however, with modern manufacturing techniques and the quality control that is performed.

                        A GOOD tire store is tough to find. Age and sophistication of balance equipment is all over the place. The tolerance to which tires are balanced to at individual stores varies. Even when you find a good store, it will depend on the technician that performs the balance and when the balance equipment was "zeroed".

                        Checking wheels for trueness, moving the tire around on the wheel when necessary, balancing with sophisticated equipment to a low tolerance will generally get it right. Finding the store that will put in the time on a set of tires not purchased from them is another story.

                        Dick Steinkamp
                        Bellingham, WA


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                          My brother had his tires shaved and said that he had never experienced anything like it as far as a smooth vibrationless ride. I would jack the tires off the ground and spin them. Oh hey--Ya didn't file yer lugnut holes off center didja?? Cuz zat would make it vibrate like crazy!