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  • Steering Wheel Repair

    Any suggestions on how to repair and/or what to use for filler for cracks on a steering wheel?

    Don Juday
    LaGrange Park, IL
    1953 Land Cruiser

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    The makers of Por 15 also make a steering wheel repair product that can be used as a filler I believe. I have not tried it myself, but have heard it is easy to work with and gives good results. The other option would be to have the wheel recast, that will cost quite a bit though.


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      Check out these previous posts for some help:

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      Mark Hayden
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        Here's the wheel from my '55 Prez, there were nine major cracks, one almost half an inch wide. I used the POR putty and tools I had on hand. It files easily, takes paint well. I'd use it again if I had another wheel to do.

        Tom Bredehoft
        '53 Commander Coupe
        '55 President (6H Y6) State Sedan
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        '05 Legacy Ltd Wagon
        All Indiana built cars


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          Here's a link to another steering wheel restoration article: Richard


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            I recently did mine... came out unbelievably well considering I had only done this once before, about 25 years ago. First, file out all the cracks to make them bigger (so you can get lots of goop in them). Then (this was a well kept secret 25 years ago, probably common knowledge now) - go to your local bowling center and get the two part stuff they use to fill bowling balls prior to re-drilling them. Cost me less than $10 for a lifetime supply. Bowling balls are pretty much the same stuff as steering wheels. Mix it up, over-fill all cracks, then get ready for some sanding and tooling when dry. I used everthing from standard woodworking tools (files, carving chisels, sandpaper) to Dremel attachments for details. Voila!

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              Thanks for all of the help!!

              Don Juday
              LaGrange Park, IL
              1953 Land Cruiser