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4 lug wheels to 5 lugs

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    See? I knew Jim would have the answer (I posted above that his kit would fit, without really knowing quite how)! BTW, Jim, my 51 that I converted to 4-wheel disc with your help (and many phone calls) is working great. I couldn't be happier with the conversion. Besides, since the old wheels wouldn't fit over the rotors, it gave me a great excuse to buy 4 chrome smoothies with baby moons!

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      the drums can be redrilled at auto/truck machine shop and new studes installed this i did when i converted chevy 6 bolt to chevy 5 bolt alf


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        i forgot that i had installed a gm rearend so you would have to get rear axels redrilled to the same 5 bolt pattern - alf


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          Thanks guys. Jim, a spindle change and late model drums is really what I was wanting to do. Just wasn't sure what would fit. When I get ready to start I will get a hold of you. If the wifes in a good mood maybe I can talk her into a disc setup. After all, she wants to drive it when it's done. Just thinking of her.


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            I have a '50 Champ Starlight Coupe. In 2002 I installed a fully modified Bill Cathcart 185 Engine and wanted better front brakes. He sold me a kit and I installed it. I believe that the parts were from a '55 V-8 car. All that I did was line up the furnished backing plates (with the aid of a spacer that Bill loaned me) and re-drilled the holes to match my spindle pattern. The kit had new shoes & hardware & bearings & seals and some nice used drums. I can't recall the cost but a call to Bill (860/564-5852) may be a good idea. Since then I have also installed a '51 Champ Rear End (with 3.73:1 gears). I bought 5ea 1976 Chrysler 15" x 6.5" wheels. They work great and the car runs and stops great. Hope that this helps.

            Good luck, Harv [8D]

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              Thanks Harv. Great info. I've got a lot of good ideas now. Can't wait to get started on it.


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                quote:Originally posted by kurtruk

                Let's not steer this guy wrong. (No pun intended.)

                Bob Palma: Are you sure the Fairmont wheels are the same bolt circle spacing? Over the years I've heard here on this forum and elsewhere that this wheel and that wheel would fit the 47-50 Champions. Well I finally tried to settle it myself. I spent a part of a day at a self-service wrecking yard checking all the different 4-lug wheels on foreign and domestic vehicles I found. (Never found a Vega [8] Someone said that one would fit) I had a spare NOS Champion drum in my vehicle and NOTHING fit. I probably measured two dozen different vehicles. As best I could tell the spacing is probably 100mm on all of them. Not the same as Champion wheels. I tried lots of Ford models and even found the early Chrysler minivans to be the same. Close, but no fit.

                I'm a little nervous questioning Bob Palma's automotive knowledge, but we need to put this to rest.

                Some one must have a wheel data book that can help us.

                Has someone sucessfully fit the 51 style spindle/brakes to a 50? And would that also work for the 47-49s?

                (read it backwards)
                Hi, Kurt; Sorry I didn't notice this earlier. My knowledge of the Fairmont wheels working is from knowing a long-time Studebaker friend who runs Fairmont wheels on his 1950 Champion. He's an engineer by trade and a sharp cookie, so if he says they work without modification (and he does), I'm taking his word for it.

                That's the only first-person knowledge I have of the application, but I have personally seen his car fitted with the Fairmont wheels. BP
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