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    I bought brake hoses on ebay for my 59 studebaker pickup. Then i get a email from someone else that the hoses are not dot approved. Anyone know anything about this. thanks

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    Is there a manufacturer's name on the hoses? Bendix? Wagner?

    Skip Lackie
    Washington DC
    Skip Lackie


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      The ebay hoses are not DOT from what I've heard. (made in South America) They may well be fine, but I know of a major vendor that looked into buying them in quantity and passed because of the lack of th DOT approval and the liability risk involved.

      JDP Maryland


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        I've used the South American hoses. Very good quality (IMHO)...could be better than the "DOT approved" ones made in China .

        I wonder...are wheel and master cylinder kits, solid brake lines, etc. DOT approved (not to mention solid and flexible fuel lines, fuel tanks, steering parts, etc)?...I've never seen any such markings on these parts and I would guess a defective part and failure would not be a good thing.

        If a manufacturer and/or retailer sells a DOT approved part and it is defective and fails is he therefore not liable? What the heck are the ramifications of DOT approved hoses vs non DOT approved hoses (or any other part for that matter)?...and WHICH Studebaker parts have DOT approved markings other than brake hoses?

        Dick Steinkamp
        Bellingham, WA


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          Here is what I found about DOT standards (US) for brake hoses:

          And here is something on brake systems generally:


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          Mark Hayden
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            I'd guess the DOT tests are expensive to do and thus not done by the offshore vendor. As to liability, a non DOT approved hose failure would certainly expose a vendor to more of a risk then a approved unit. I don't see how a retailer could be held responsible for the failure of a approved hose although the manufacturer could well be.
            If I saved a few bucks by buying a non approved hose for resale that then failed, a law suit would be a slam dunk.

            JDP Maryland


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              Exactly, JDP! And who are you going to go after to recover YOUR loss?

              I don't think you'll get anywhere with a Argentina Co. or their Govm't!

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              Ferndale, WA
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                I'm probably getting a little defensive here because I've used the South American brake hoses before and like them and the service the guy gives, but...

                Do you use DOT approved brake linings, wheel cylinders, master cylinders, hard lines, brake hardware, etc?

                Do you really believe the US Government will reimburse you for your loss if a DOT approved brake hose fails?

                Where WILL you go to recover your loss if a brake hose fails, or a brake cylinder cup, or a hard line fitting, or a thousand other parts on your Studebaker?

                If the loss is the part only, I'll replace it. If the loss involves damaging the car or somebody's property, I'll go to my insurance company.

                Here's why I think the South American hoses are much cheaper.

                You buy them direct from the manufacturer.

                I've bought hoses from the Studebaker parts system before. They get them from SI or from where SI gets them...which is the guy in LA who repackages commonly available hard parts. He gets them from the wholesale autoparts network. They get them from a jobber. He gets them from a reseller. He gets them from the manufacturer (none that I know of are in the US...all I've seen are Chinese). All those guys need to (and should) make money.

                I buy a lot of parts from Rich and will continue to do so. He does a great job. I do source some parts for my Studebakers other places, however, where I feel the form, fit and function is as good or better and at a better price.

                Here's one of the guy's listings, BTW


                Dick Steinkamp
                Bellingham, WA


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                  They may well be nice hoses, and some may choose to save the few dollars by using them, others may not want the small gamble. My main point was, you may think the risk is small,but a vendor can't take that risk. Do you really think that if I sold a non-approved hose to a forum member and he had a failure and he lost a car or worse, he'd say " No big deal JP, I've got insurance".

                  JDP Maryland


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                    Depends on a litiginous nature. I don't have one.
                    Brad Johnson,
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                      I've been told, an offshore vendor that does not have a DOT approved hose, is NOT liable for any damages!!

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