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Avanti pw motors OK after all

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  • Avanti pw motors OK after all

    Well, after working on the pw motors in my Avanti for several days I finally gave up and designed a pw circuit for use with a modern two wire motor in place of the four wire as in the Avanti. I ordered a bunch of relays which arrived today. I was about to start wiring the circuit but decided to go out and verify what the color code was on the door wiring. I wanted to make sure which was up and which down. I had the battery in the car and the switch out of the door panel so for the first time I actually plugged in the switch and tried it out. The window went up and down as if it was a new car. I tried the driver's door and had the same success. Last week I was going from green yellow to green red to get it to go up and down but the performance was terrible. Motors checked out good, they were cleaned, window tracks clean and lubed etc. Just no performance.

    The moral of this story is: when you are cleaning and checking your power windows, wire ALL wires back to the switch for your trials, don't short cut it and use only two leads.

    I will never make that mistake again!!

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    I've got a good used window motor BTW - if anyone needs one on the cheap (cheaper than the recent repops anyway[}]).

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