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  • Fuel problem

    As many of you know last fall I purchased a 1963 Daytona R2, After less than a month of driving I put it in winter storage. Every couple of weeks we would start it and let it warm up and run for 20 minutes or so, we did the same with our 1956 Golden Hawk.

    Yesterday we went out to clean and prepare the R2 for a trip to the Geogia State Meet,(trailer, not driven) it took over 5 minutes of cranking to get gas to the fuel filter bowl. Since I have had the car if we let it set a few days the fuel filter bowl is empty and it takes awhile to get fuel to the Carb, not as long as yesterday but "some" time. I'm thinking I have a weak fuel pump and it lets fuel seep back in the line as well as it is weak in pulling fuel from the tank when dry?

    Your thoughts?

    It is an addiction!
    It is an addiction!

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    You should check or replace the hoses first (by the tank and the pump on the fuel line)of coarse it is proably the pump. but if you rebuild or repace the pump you will go crazy wondering why it dosen't work if these lines are bad. JOE

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      While my 64 Daytona, was not an R2, strickly an 259 V-8.....I can only
      attest to what Joe suggested. But we ended up rebulding the 44 year
      orginal pumps as none of 3 new ones (2 supplied by a vendor and 1 by
      NAPA) wouldn't work at all, after installed. You might even think about
      putting in a small electric pump, if all else fails....which was my next step,
      if the rebuild job didn't work

      glen Brose - Perkinsville, AZ


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        If I read this right, it did finally pickup gas on it's own. This could be an indication that Joe is right and you have a cracked line. A pump that pulls will suck air before moving gas. Check the hoses. it's usally a sign of a cracked hose if it is moist and not always leaking.

        Tex in Alabama
        53 C Coupe

        Tex E. Grier


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          You could have too large an orifice in the restrictor in the fuel pump fitting or fuel filter, if equipped with the return line at the filter.

          Or worse yet NO restrictor!

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