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Dressing up the generator

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  • Dressing up the generator

    I am trying to clean up the outside housing of my Hawk generator (repaint it) and also have the replacement red metal tag (Delco) and rivets I bought from T-Bow (Dave Thibault) last year. I'm trying to remove the original tag but can't knock off the rivets that hold it in place. Does anyone have any suggestions? I don't want to just shear off the rivets and potentially have pieces of the metal rivets inside the generator that will then just simply be attracted to and stick to the internal magnets. Thanks for any help.

    Don C.

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    I lift the label edges with a small screwdriver, then get under the rivet heads with a set of wire snips and pry up.

    JDP Maryland


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      Get some of the new 3M Blue masking tape. Cover the tag and with a pencil eraser smmoth down the masking tape. Then with an X-cto Blade #11 or a new sharp single edge razor cut around the metal plate. Paint the part, then before paint gets really set, remove masking tape by pulling in one direction.