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1950 Champion tires

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  • 1950 Champion tires

    What modern equlivent tire can I use on my '50 Champion? Do I have to use the "640-15" and if so where may I find a good quality tire. Thanks, Tom LaMartina

    Tom LaMartina

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    Coker tire, Tom. Not cheap, but correct.
    The closest thing in a newfangled radial would be a 195-75X15 Radial's actually will make your car nicer driving than the old bias ply donuts.

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        Many states now collect state sales tax from vendors at flea markets in their state. If you don't live in a state that the vendor has a business presence in, you could avoid the state sales tax by having the tires shipped to you, but then you would have to pay shipping.

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          If you go with the 195X75, be reminded that your speedometer is going to show 60 mph when you're actually going 55 (compared to the 6.40 tire) and you'll probably increase the engine speed by approximately 200 rpm at 60 mph. Oh, your odometer will read optomistically also. There may be speedometer pinion gears that would correct the speedo and odometer but won't change the rpm increase. If you have overdrive, that alone would probably make it a bit more responsive. It's pretty much impossible to find ordinary radial auto tires with a 100% aspect ratio any more. To get a comparable tire height with the 6.40, you'll need to go to something like a 215X75 which may be too wide for your fenders as well as your stock rims.