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'37 CE vent window problem SOLVED!

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  • '37 CE vent window problem SOLVED!

    Ah yes, how sweet it is when a problem is solved! MANY, Many thanks to '37CoupeE, and Mr Biggs. You guys reresent the best of what this website is all about. Apparently what happened, was that, someone years ago (the glass was the old type), replaced the vent window glass, and assumed the width of the vent glass stopped at the end of the vent frame, at the same point the frame tab begins. The tab was then folded back against the widow. In that configuration it's not possible to seal the vent window as designed. You wouldn't believe how long I sat at the kitchen table staring at that thing, before posting my question. Thanks again guys,I really appreciate your help. Hey Mike,... please let me know what month your '37 will be featured in Classic trucks, so I can pick up a copy! Jimmy

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    How's the CE project coming as a whole? Curios minds have to know!


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      Hey buddy, how ya doing? Well, I experienced my 1st bout of mild burn-out, last week. I knew it would happen, as hard as I've been working on it. That's why I decided in the beginning to tackle the cab rust first. Five months of mig welding and grinding, have me anxious to move on to the front end. Sometimes, it feels like your not making any progress at all...almost like your standing still, but when you look back there is obvious progress. In short, the basic cab metal work is almost done, and although I'm a little worn out...I'm still in love with the project.


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        Doing fine! I can't wait to se the finish product! It's gonna be striking, I'm sure. I'm very glad that you've not lost interest, as many seem to do. [V]


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          I would have offered advice, but my vent windows are in a cardboard box. I don't have vent windows, nor a cowl vent, on my CE, (but I wish they were still there). On medium warm to hot days you have to run the a/c, or it will get real hot inside. A nicely engineered flow through ventilation system would be nice.
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