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Trouble Bleeding Hawk Brakes

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  • Trouble Bleeding Hawk Brakes

    Put all of the new lines, master cyl. & hydrovac on the Hawk 2day..Went to bleed the system. Got fluid through both valves on the hydrovac and both front brake valves. Tried for half an hour trying to get both rear valves to bleed. Nothing coming out. Took the line apart before the rear axle hump and getting fluid to that point. Any suggestions ??

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    Try some compressed air thru the rear line disconnect the wheel cylinders then hit it.


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      You'll do better with hydraulic pressure. Open one bleeder and stand on the brakes and you should get a "pop" and fluid flow.

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        John, should I have the car running when I bleed the brakes, due to the hydrovac hose to the engine ?? Also, where/how do you put the neatsfoot oil in it ? Read through the manual and see a referance to add it but, not where & how..

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          Manual say to NOT have the engine running when brake bleeding with a Hydrovac, however I've tried both ways and was more satisfied when I pulled a vacuum on and off, with an A/C pump

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