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1950 Starlight Coupe Vent Window Seal Problem

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  • 1950 Starlight Coupe Vent Window Seal Problem

    Finishing restoring a 1950 Starlight Commander coupe. Having a lot of trouble getting the new reproduction seal to work on the side vent windows. These vent windows actually are part of the inside door moldings. I removed the actual glass frames and will pop rivet the upper swivel back on to reinstall. The seals were purchased from Studebaker International a few years ago and they don't seem to be very high quality. Is there any trick to installing these correctly? The seals I have don't want to stay in the channels and the window will not pivot correctly because of the vent seal. And also, does anyone know who has the best reproduction out there or are there none to choose from? Thanks to anyone who can help me out here.

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    Hotrod, I don't have a solution for your vent gasket fit problem but you are certainly not alone! This is the biggest problem I've heard regarding repro parts for the '47-52 Studes. Take a look at any such car at a meet and you'll probably find the same thing. Some restorers are fairly adept at somehow making the gaskets fit and look OK but I'm darned if I know how they do it. I heard that these gaskets are repro'd by only one individual (Fenessey?) and all the vendors who sell them buy from the same source. It's too late for me, I have the same problem but maybe someone else has had better luck.

    Dennis Napier
    51 Champion Starlight


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      I replaced one on my 53, it looked so bad I left the original on the other side.

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