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  • hawk frame lift points

    What are the right places to lift a Hawk on a single post, in-ground 4 point frame lift?

    The type of lift -

    The Hawk -


    Dan Timberlake

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    I'm probably wrong, but when I put my cars on jackstands I use the fore and aft body mount pads where they attach under the frame, just before the rear axle kick up and behind the front raise. Your placement would be the same.

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      Not sure about that particular lift, but I know you want to get the front pads as far forward as possible. Even then, you'll notice the door gap opening up at the top as the front end sags down front the weight of the engine. Scary.

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      Steve Hudson
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      1949 \"GMOBaker\" 1-T Dually (workhorse)
      1953 Commander Convertible (show & go)
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        If you are lifting for oil change, lubrication then use the front frame where the Batwings support the A pillars, and just ahead of the rear wheels where the frame is flat.

        HOWEVER, if lifting and you need to open and close doors, then you will need to lift under the four suspension points.

        Control arms and rear axle.

        But, you can use the first one mentioned if access to the inside of car is needed, by opening the doors prior to lifting.


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          My gosh! are any of those old air powered in the ground hoists STILL in working condition?[:0][:0][?]

          I have not seen one of those in 38 years![:0]

          They work about the same as a modern 2 post floor mounted hoist would though.

          quote:Originally posted by Dan Timberlake

          What are the right places to lift a Hawk on a single post, in-ground 4 point frame lift?
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            My dad got me one of those air-over-hydraulic devices from an outfit whose services included removing them when service stations removed them. I was satisfied with its condition and installed it in our very sandy soil 100 feet from our 300 foot deep well.

            I can hardly notice the oil sheen on my coffee.