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59 lark front springs

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  • 59 lark front springs

    Looking for front coil springs for a 59 lark v8 if anyone has a set laying around? Have it all a part and it has the original 6cyl springs in it. Thanks Moose[8D]

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    What would you be willing to pay? There is a club member here who has a new set he got from SASCO and is not going to use as he intends installing the "modern" front suspension in his '62 (assuming the springs are the same between '59-'62). Course shipping would kinda hurt but no more than if you bought them from a vendor.



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      Just give me a price and we will go from there. Moose


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        I used some 85 Z28 sorings in my Hawk. I cut off one coil and heated it in two places to bend it. Some at the halfway point and some at the quarter point for it to seat at the bottom in the aframe. You might want to remove 1 1/2 coils for yours. It rides stiffer and handles better.


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          Thanks a lot for that info they will be pretty easy to find.I have a 87 camaro LT coupe with a 327 350 horse in it so i will check them out. Thanks Moose