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56 wagon door vs 2 dr seadan door

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  • 56 wagon door vs 2 dr seadan door

    A while back I had asked the question , Is a 56 2 dr sedan door the same as a 2 dr wagon door. Well we all agreed they are close but there is a diff. So with that in mind (going with your expert opinions and SASCO). I purchased a NOS 56 LH sedan dr from SASCO. Well today was the day to see how good you guys are. The sedan door is identical EXCEPT for the rear window vertical run. The sedan door is 17" high and the wagon door is 18". This is good news for all you wagon owners who may need LH doors. A couple ways to fix this challange. Cut the rear riser and fab a 1" extention in place. The other is to remove the rear riser from my old rusted door and weld it in the sedan door, and the way I'm leaning is to section my old door rear riser into the sedan door in a step like cut( outside and inside cuts at diff. levels) so it will max. the strenght of the door. As said earlier the rest of the door is the same. The front riser angle is exact and the correct height. This difference tells me the sedan roof line had a downward angle to it and the wagon is straight. In all cases the front riser will have to be cut at the turn to move the rear up since the top riser is at the incorrect angle. I'll keep you posted on the final results.

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    Thanks for confirming this. I'd been told the difference would be associated with the roofline but I'd never compared doors or had reason to sub one.

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