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1959 Lark 6 Carb trouble

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  • 1959 Lark 6 Carb trouble

    My wife and I have a 59 lark 6. It was running well until the other day. It has trouble starting correctly. When you look under the hood you can see gas around the carb where it has leaked? I was wondering if it should be rebuilt.

    I was also interested to see if there would be any newer carbs that could replace the original to help it run a bit better for todays driving. We drive the car every day and need it to be reliable.

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    If it's got the original carb for a '59, it's passable at best. What they went to in subsequent years was even worse.[xx(] What I've seen done recently is going BACK to an earlier carb for that six. They were much better made and give better service.

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      thanks, but you'll have to forgive me. I'm 26 and my stude knowledge isn't what it should be. If you were to recommend an older carb what would it be? What year or model.