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1926 Studebaker super six

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  • 1926 Studebaker super six

    Hello everyone

    My name is Alan Scott and I'm a brand new member of the Studebaker club. I'm looking for a Studebaker mechanic and body person in Ontario.

    I have been tasked with restoring my fire services 1926 Studebaker/ Bickle fire truck. The Stud as it is known to my community has a wonderful history. I have great photos to add to the site and I'll be doing it tomorrow when I return to work.

    If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

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    The Stud was last driven by one our members last summer for his wedding. This is where things started to go wrong for our truck. Letting 30 different people drive an 80 year old truck is not a good idea.

    I have not been able to get into the storage building, Old town Fire hall to see the Stud since last fall. I was told that when they were driving the Stud back to the hall they heard some top end engine noise, then a loud bang and more top end engine noise.

    I will not be able to get the Stud out of storage until April 1. I am hoping to float the Stud to the April 26th Swap meet for the Ontario Chapter.

    Thanks again for any input.


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      I just looked at the Spec page for Studebaker 6 Cyl motors. I believe if I'm reading the engine number right 2086084 it is a standard six, motor and not a super or special six.


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        Here we go!!

        This is the Acton Stud


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          This is the Truck I'm trying to rebuild to original specs.


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            Is that the fire-engine the Burlington fire dept. had or has.If the motor problems are serious I know of a fellow who has 2 or 3 spares (standard 6 engines)Email me off line & I will provide contact information.


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              Standard/Dictator 6 is easy to identify. Distributor is on right side of engine. Big and Special 6 distributor is at left front of engine.



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                Thanks for the information.

                I can not get at the truck until April 1st, That is when everyone has to get their vehicles out of storage. The Stud is dead last, so I have to wait for everyone.