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Need Hill Holder Identification

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  • Need Hill Holder Identification

    I may have found a HH for my 1964 Cruiser. Been looking for a long time. The problem in identification. There are no numbers I have been told. Does anyone have a picture of the correct cylinder or a special something to look for? Any help would be appricated.

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    Is your car auto or standard trans ,if it is standard trans it is called no-roll,if it is auto it is called anti creep. The no-roll is connected to the clutch pedal shaft (which is needed,with a tab press on it)the anti creep is electric and I am not sure how it is hooked up. The kits and parts are listed in the parts cat. page 346-347 section 1105.There is a picture but it looks like the one on my 59v lark. Maybe they are the same I don't know. If you need a copy of these pages e-mail me I'll have to photo them because I haven'T posted a scan yet. hope this helps. JOE

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      Yes my car is standard transmission on the column. I looked at the no-roll picture.Part #532252,illust. number 1105-1. If this is a picture of what should be installed,I will be so happy. The problem is part Identification I may have located the parts, I do thank you for the help. Hank