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  • Lark Fuel Pump Question

    I am changing the fuel pump on my '63 Lark with a 259. The pump on the car (which is at least 20 years old) started to leak after putting fresh gas in the tank and driving 250 miles during last summer. No surprise there with today's alcohol based fuels. The rest of the rubber in the fuel system has been replaced.

    I purchased a Master brand fuel pump from Stude International and a Carter brand fuel pump from Bob in Joliet, IL. The Master brand is almost identical to the pump on the car. The Carter has a different arm length (1/4" shorter) than the Master brand. The arm on both pumps seems to touch the timing chain when held against the block. Supposedly the Carter (purchased from Bob in Joliet, IL) is a higher quality part and is less likely to leak than the Master brand. Does anyone know if either brand fuel pump will work despite the difference in arm length?

    Since I haven't change a mechanical fuel pump in decades, should I use gasket cement on the gasket between the block and the fuel pump?


    Peter; In my second year of owning a Stude

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    Peter, if you've got a good gasket, you don't need the cement.

    The quarter inch difference in lenght of the arm does not matter.
    "Higher quality"? I don't wanna say that's a matter of sell. Why did you buy two pumps for one problem in the first place???

    BTW, if that pump arm is touching the timing chain, you're gonna have more troubles. I say this since Stude engines don't have timing chains.[:I] There's an eccentric lobe on the front of the camshaft that actuates the fuel pump arm.

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      It too bad you don't have the original fuel pump to just
      rebuild. The supposed "new ones", whether they say Carter
      or Master on the box, they just don't seem to be the same
      as the originals. Been there.....done that....(64 Daytona

      glen Brose - Perkinsville, AZ


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        Sounds like you are not getting the arm under the cam. You need to make sure you do. Sometimes rotating the engine a bit to get off the cam lobe.

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