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  • Six Cyl. Oil Pumps....

    Is there any real differance between the late flathead six oil pump and the OHV six oil pump? Is the OHV pump any higher volume ?

    Some have told me that using a OHV six oil pump on a flathead will help with the flathead six oil pressure, but can anybody confirm this or know first-hand if this is correct?

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    Who's "Some"? Were they speaking from experience or from lore? I can't see that they'd be much different since they're very similar in size and function.
    I have heard that an intact woodruff key can be a plus for oil pressure tho![}]

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      I've learned that the trick is to take a stude v8 pump and replace the gear with the original flathead one (it looks like you could use the v-8 one, but DON'T.

      Take a bit of lead shot and peen it in to each oil feed hole at the lifters, or use oversized lifters. An alternative would be to block the galley to the lifters from getting oil. These things have worked for us with the Salt2Salt race car. Greg


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        According to Bill Cathcart...the OHV pumps had different gears that produced and additional % of pressure volume to get up into the rockers....I installed a NOS OHV pump in my 59' flat head 6 without any issues.....