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1953 stude 3/4 ton truck engine rebuild

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  • 1953 stude 3/4 ton truck engine rebuild

    I am rebuilding my 170 in a 1953 3/4 ton truck. When I bought it someone had adapted a 4 on the floor dodge transmission. I bought what I thought was the correct transmision to return it to the three on the tree. The problem is that the bell housing does not match the 3 speed transmission. The stude transmission ( 3 speed) that I have has a 5 3/4" x 6" bolt pattern. My bell housing is 4 1/8" x 6 1/4. What should I do ,look for another trans to match the bell housing or bell housing to match the 3 speed trans that I already have. Which is the correct bolt pattern for a trans to bell housing connection for a 1953 3/4 ton truck?
    Also I am looking for 6 pistons for the 170 ( 169) .030 over as well as one connecting rod. One of my pistons was cracked when the connecting rod bolt broke.

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    +.030 pistons are $275 a set/new from Stude vendors who advertise in TURNING WHEELS.
    I don't know about trans and bell housing applications. No doubt these will be addressed by other members here. They've probably already been addressed at some point and, you may find their answers by using the "SEARCH" function at the top of this page.

    Have you joined SDC? Are you receiving TURNING WHEELS?
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