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Poor P-brake, R/A endplay mess, ? leaky cylinder

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  • Poor P-brake, R/A endplay mess, ? leaky cylinder

    I pulled off the rear hub/drums today to find that the shoes out back were installed correctly. There does appear to be a slight leak to one cylinder, but that's not my real problem. When I 1st got the rear brakes apart for P--brake issues, I re-packed the wheel brgs & set endplay. I did it right as I've done many times before (<G&gt. I got a lot of endplay now. With all shims removed, there is still near 1/8th inch play. I made sure the axle ends were clean, thrust blocks OK, and did not put any shims on left side. Can the blocks be worn ? Can the bearings be pressed on too tight ? This is a true 30K original car and I doubt that the dealer screwed things up in it's early life (wife's car). BTW, I had complained of vibration at different speeds and thought it was old tires. Could this much endplay cause this vibration ??

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    I was gonna ask if you were sure the thrust block was in place, but then I read where you were affirmative on that point.

    Could this cause vibration? I sure would think so. Without a close relationship between the bearings and their races, there'd be all sorts of chances for the axles to jump around![xx(]

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      I know you know better, but are you sure the reinforcing plate is on the OUTSIDE of the backing plate ? I've seen it done wrong before.

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        Spent the better part of the afternoon pulling the b-plates off and double checking end play.....I needed to remove several shims to bring things back into spec. Also farted around with the P-brake issue.....seems to me it's "non-sized" shoes. The drums are only contacting < 20% of the shoe surface...How could you expect the P-brake to work.......Need some serious driving and shoe wear-in.