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Answer to clutch woes, '59 Lark

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  • Answer to clutch woes, '59 Lark

    Apparently the clutch disc I got with the car was wrong, wouldn't fit into the space on the flywheel where the crank bolts are. Then, if that wasn't enough the linkage had wear that caused excess play. The "throw" against the throw out wasn't enough. We replaced as many parts as we could get, had one part machined, and extended the "throw" what looked like an inch or so more from the previous distance. It only moved maybe a 1/16th at the throwout. Someone (or many someones)said wear will cause this problem, and they were right. We had to make some parts, because every used part we found had similiar wear. We used the NAPA 12 spring clutch. The answer I got from NAPA is the springs in their clutch have less tension per spring, and the 12 equaled the nine called for in the shop manual. Clutch feels great. Thanks all....... KM

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    Glad you got that resolved. I still have work to do on my Avanti. I installed the rebuilt clutch disc and pressure plate that was in it previously. I still need to hook up the linkage and tranny. Let everyone know this weekend. I don't know about the NAPA pressure plate yet, but its plate was a good .125 closer to the flywheel. My guess is that translates to quite a bit of difference on the finger height.
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      I already knew these nuggets, but if I needed a refresher course - I got one recently when addressing a clucth problem in a V8 Lark. In spite of what seemed like significant movement, there wasn't enough "throw" to fully release the clutch.
      What I eventually figured out was that someone had subbed one of the two hardened pins that work in conjunction with the "collar" to complete the clutch cross-shaft. One of the two pins was a mere 32nd inch smaller in diameter.[}] What a difference when the CORRECT diameter pin was put it!

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