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  • 53 cloverleaf 232

    I think I understand that the cloverleaf is a replacement engine. Is the 232 a H.D. replacement just as the 259 and 289? What should I see different inside? When I removed one of the valve covers it had a metal tag in the center of the rocker arm shaft with the valve settings stamped on it. Is ths standard on a 232 engine? I have never seen this on a 259 or 289.
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    Because of the problems with soft camshafts on early '51 232's, I imagine they needed to remind installers of the new setting and that this was an "improved" 232, anyway I have seen new crate replacement 232's with the tin plate for whatever reason.

    If the part number on a tag on this engine starts with a "6" and not a "5" it IS a Truck engine, most likely H.D. with the H.D. Valves and Rod. & Main Brgs. they did not have the Aluminum Cam Gear on 232's.

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