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63' Lark disc brakes: Rear shoes/adjust

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  • 63' Lark disc brakes: Rear shoes/adjust to the brakes in this new to me car. I installed all new steel & rubber lines when I got the car. The PO (nephew of Stude Dealer) said he had just rebuilt the rear cylinders and installed new shoes. At the time I picked up the car, he showed me the shoes he had replaced: they looked brand new ! He had attmpted to install a generic front cable, which looked fine but would not allow for parking brake application. I bought a NOS front cable and installed with all accompanying hardware (stock). I can't get the parking brake to hold. I can pull the handle, but with a sharp and quick end point. There is no gradual tightening of the ratcheting mechanism-just a quick "set". I've done this many times before without problems on other Larks (non-disc)....I even removed the shoes and camphered the edges to allow for a better shoe-to-drum mating. Is it possible I (he) has the wrong brake shoes (non-PDB) ? How about the primary/secondary shoe reversal possibility ???

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    Yes they are unusual in that most Secondary (long shoes) go to the rear, but this rear drum brake for Disc. front is made to be NOT self energizing so as to not lock-up the rears, since equalizer valves were not invented or in use in the U.S. at the time, so they go FORWARD! This is just one of the things about the system that is different from most.

    The adjusters have a large lock nut that you loosen to move the stud with 2 flats, like a shock absorber rod end in a downward from the top center motion on each one to tighten to a very slight drag. That should improve the hand brake action some, and the service brake a lot.
    Also check the hand brake adjustment under the car, where the 2 rear cables join the single forward cable.

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      As I followed with my end play discussion: I believe the P-brake issue is related to non-sized shoes. There's not enough contact to engage the brake.....