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stude" restomod truck?????

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    Champ, I didn't reply to your offer of the 289 because I'm 2000 miles away from you. If it were just a couple hundred miles, well, sure I would.

    And I'm not saying "don't ever put a Chevy engine in a Studebaker." Search back on the Forum, and I'll bet you'll find a number of posts where I've offered constructive help to people wanting to do that.

    I'm just trying to resist the notion that one "has to" replace the Stude engine with a Chevy in order to be able to enjoy the car.

    Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands
    Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands


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      Well Gord,I wish you were closer.After reading some of your Studebaker adventures all these years,I know I could learn something from you! I do agree with you,there is nothing wrong with a good running well maintained V8 Studebaker. Heck,I admit being guilty of the falling under the spell of the magazine induced hype of the trick of the month. But by reading a cross section of monthly rags,from Hemmings Muscle Machines to Garage, I started to realize how fortuitous it was for some company to have just the (fill in the blank) items needed to allow the newest trend to take off. If a person is only reading one particular magazine,say Super Chevy,I can understand how he would be inclined to follow his automotive bible into the pits of restomod Hell while doing his project. An easy trap to fall into if you do not diversify your reference material,no matter which camp you are in,stock or modified. Like I said,lets just cruise em while we can!!


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        Here's a "dare to be different" engine we had in the Bonneville car......



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          Greg, now THAT is funny! About as ironic as can be, being a full-fledged racer.

          quoterive the wheels off 'em, cuz if you don't, when you're dead, the next guy will. Then what good was it?
          You got that right Sal. That logic seems to work for us too. [^]

          Matthew Burnette
          '59 Scotsman
          '63 Daytona
          Hazlehurst, GA