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    I'm a total newbie to this forum, please forgive my knowledge of my own car! I own a 55 Champion and I'm have trouble with the tranny. When I come to a complete stop then accelrate, sometimes the trans will reev up high and then go into gear. If I give the gas pedal a quick pop, it seems to speed up this process. Any help would be appreciated!


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    Check your fluid level lately?

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      Sounds to me like its time to get your transmission serviced, screen cleaned , trans & converter drained and bands adjusted. Call around to shops in your area someone should be able to help you. The DG trans was also used by Jaguar[older models], someone specializing in the older cars can probably help you out. Lou Cote [8D]


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        If you have the fluid changed (a great idea), use Dexron III for fluid and tell the servicer that there's a plug on the torque convertor to drain the fluid from it as well. He'll have to remove the metal cover from the bottom of the bell housing to be able to access it.

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