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Studebakers for Towing?

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    By all means use an equilizer hitch and then get a controller for the electric brakes on the trailer. Much safer.

    Denny L


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      Got my drivers license on a Wednesday and we left Friday from Ohio to Florida towing a 14' travel trailer. I remember doing most all the driving. I don't recall any issues.

      The setup was a '55 President with an axle attached equalizer hitch. Dad pulled many miles with that setup first on a '51 Land Cruiser, then the '55 President and then a '61 Lark... all Automatic V8's. He didn't pull in the Rockies but all through the Smokies and Appalachians. The worst grade I remember him complaining about was on a country road outside of Somerset, PA.

      I don't know if you can find an axle hitch anymore but that made for a sweet setup that didn't tear up or rely on the car suspension or beat up the passengers.