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    I followed this thread with great interest because I wrestled with my MC and all that entails last summer for two weeks before I got it all to work to my satisfaction. I wasted a lot of money on two suggested Corvette MC's, too, only to find they would never fit correctly on my '60 convertible frame and floor pan. I hear they fit better on your year car, Harv. The pivot pin was the best thing in the kit, but the bracket to the MC from that pivot wasn't even close in fit. I hope the bugs have been worked out so different brackets are made for the very different Stude applications out there. My new MC and the depth of the hole for the rod made all the difference in the world on my brake system. The original manual brake system on this car scared the crap out of me, but I have a nice tight pedal now and the front disc brakes & big rear drum set-up stop like a new car. It's a pleasure to drive the 289 now. Glad you worked out the bugs, too.


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      To check if your M/C has RPV installed, use the blunt end of a small drill bit & gently insert it into the outlet of the M/C - if you can feel a spring pressure in there, you have the valves in the M/C.

      2lb RPV for disc (front or rear)
      10lb RPV for drum (front or rear)

      Bias is adjusted with the proportioning valve and/or holdoff valve, never with RPV.

      I would be vary wary of going from 1" bore M/C to 1.5" bore M/C - that's a huge increase. Going from 7/8" bore to 1" bore made the pedal of one of my off-brand cars very stiff (even with power assist) and I ended up going back to 7/8" bore. The area of a circle (your bore) is PI*R*R (PI*R-Squared), so the area of a 1" bore M/C is about 3.14" and a 1.5" M/C is over 7". If you really want to increase your M/C bore, I'd go up in 1/8" diameters...we can figure the math out if you like, but it's likely you can get your brakes working satisfactorily with good adjustment & arcing the shoes (if you can find someone to do it).

      If you still want to change your pedal "feeL" you may be better off trying to change the pedal ratio...

      Daddy always said, if yer gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough & I'm one tough sum*****!
      Daddy always said, if yer gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough & I\'m one tough sumbiatch!