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170 six sets tilted in the car

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  • Engine: 170 six sets tilted in the car

    My 64 Commander has a 170 six motor which sets noticeably tilted with the back of the motor much lower than the front. The cooling fan isn't parallel to the radiator but instead is spaced much greater from the top of the fan to the radiator than the bottom of the fan. . Motor mounts and trans cross member are secure.I bought the car as a project. Everything went together fine. Oddly enough, a friend with a repair shop installed a 1962 rebuilt 170 motor in a customer's 1960 Lark and has the same strange situation.
    Were drilled holes for 170 motor mounts located at different heights for different years? Maybe 170's don't swap so easily.
    All replies greatly appreciated.

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    That is perfectly normal. Stude engines were set in at a fairly sharp angle to keep the driveshaft tunnel as low as possible. You will see that your carb sits flat in spite of the tilt of the engine. Find something else to worry about.


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      Thanks so much! What a relief!!