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Replacement Avanti Alternator

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  • Electrical: Replacement Avanti Alternator

    I purchased a Toyota Tercel alternator Remy 14341 which fits great on my R2 motor Only problem is that the amp gauge shows a discharge when headlights or other power is turned on I wired it up as per instructions This alternator has power from battery + when ignition is on or off as the instructions state I used a meter and it reads 13.8 volts and 60 amps with motor running at the battery The instructions say that the alternator wires directly to the battery + and not the amp gauge Any ideas would help

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    What you are seeing on your Ammeter is correct; when the output of the alternator is connected to the battery. The original connection of the Alternator was with a 10 gauge wire from the regulator to the ignition side of the Ammeter. The other terminal of the Ammeter goes directly to the battery.
    The purpose of the Ammeter is to show the current flowing into and out of the battery.
    With the Alternator connected directly to the battery the Ammeter has no way of detecting if the current is coming from the alternator or the battery. The more accessories you turn on the higher rate of discharge, will the Ammeter show.
    A solution is to install a voltmeter to keep track of the Alternators output. There are available voltmeters for under 20 dollars that plug into the cigarette lighter. No need for any wiring.
    The only reason I can see to connect the Alternators output directly too the battery is that the 10 gauge wire not large enough for 60 amps. Nor is the Ammeter or the cars internal wiring. The only time the Alternator would normally put out 60 amps is if the battery is in a discharged state; unless you have added additional power consuming accessories..
    Also 13.8 volt output is low for a fully charge 12 volt battery. I would expect it to be around 14.4 volts.


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      Ron ,
      I was headed in that direction with a volt meter Should be a lot safer on the old wires by using a volt meter Thanks for your help