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Help identify part—hub spindle?

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  • Front Axle/Suspension: Help identify part—hub spindle?


    I need to get the part pictured for both left and right side on a 63 GT Hawk. I basically need a whole rebuild of my suspension so ordered the full suspension kit from Stude Intl. but I am not sure this part was included.

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    It's a spindle. Not usually included in a rebuild kit.


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      I don't know if 1964 Wagonaire spindles would work on your Hawk but I'm going to guess that they might. If so, John's Salvage in Seguin, Texas has one sitting there. If they fit that would be just down the road from you.


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        Nice—my daughter goes to TLU in Seguin. I will check it out. My car is a disk break car. Anyone know if that makes a difference?
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          According to 1959-1964 Parts Catalog correct name is "Steering Knuckle". All '63 and '64 Studes with disc brakes use same part. Different PN is shown for vehicles w/o disc brakes.


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            Thank you.


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              The disc brake spindles are machined flat on the backside, Looks like you have one of my brackets. That will fit both disc brake spindles and non disc brake spindles. Replace the needle bearings and the bushing in your spindle, and unless you have other spindle problems you should be good to go. I do recomend to clean out ALL of the 50+ year old grease, in stall new zerk fittings when you do this. Also, I usually push the bushing deeper to the spindle, then go to your favorit hardware store and get a rubber O-Ring to use in place of the cork gasket.
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                Yes just figured out this has a turner conversion. Ordered the correct replacement rotors and bearings. Where d o I get
                needle bearings and the bushing in your spindle?