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Question for long time owners of Studebaker Avantis

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    Years ago I was dripping gas. It was the gasline that loops over the left rear fender well. Gas line is inside of rubber hose and had rusted out. Replaced that section of line and no more problems. This was 43 years ago

    Denny Lockmon


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      Denny you mean the passenger side? That is the vent line from the gas tank into the sail panel then down and out on the rear passenger side.
      Last year I replaced the entire steel gas and return line with Cunifer line, additionally I utilized fuel injection spec house for ever rubber part of the gas system. My leak is at the rear drivers side bottom Q panel


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        So as Paul Harvey would say.................and that's the story..............................turns out the Ideal hose clamps loosened up to the point that they were just laying on the hose..........and I was foolish 20 years ago because I utilized a hose that was for boat use, rubber with steel cords running through is a wonder the clamps were able to get any kind of "bite" on the hose. Buttoned everything up and utilized 3M calk to seal the's all good!!


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          Be aware that there are 2 possible clockings of the fuel filler. Only one way as installed will allow the filler CAP "Ears" to be aligned so it doesn't hit the gas door when closed. Also check the new production replacements, as the clocking will have to be changed to accommodate the new caps. Also remember that the caps turn 90 degrees when fully seated so allow for that.
          Bez Auto Alchemy

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            Brad I marked the fill flange and body with a magic marker, went back in with no problem!
            Many thanks for the learned follow-up!